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My name is Laura and I am the fiber artist behind Trendy Puku.

Our homes are a place where we feel the most comfortable. We surround ourselves with art, furniture, books, trinkets, people that bring us joy. That's what I want my art to do for you. Every time you walk by your new wall hanging or put on your adorable felted brooch, I want you to smile.

I am a wife and mother. My 4 year old daughter is my shop assistant and time keeper (if you join me on Instagram you get to see plenty of her silly antics). We currently live in North Carolina where we melt like popsicles in the summer and get overly excited every single time we see a cardinal. Every single time. It never gets old!

Puku is a term of endearment in my family.  My sister called me Puku when I was a kid and now I sometimes call my daughter Puku.  Each item in my shop is handmade with loads of love and time becoming another Puku to me.  Every time I ship out a piece of art, my heart swells like a mama sending her child off to college. It is my hope that something I've made speaks out to you and is able to find it's forever home. (If not, send me a message and we can work together to create a perfect piece!)


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