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BEHIND THE SCENES: Studio Makeover, Step 1

My studio is half of the spare bedroom.  My husband gets the other half, and if we are getting technical then I guess he only gets a third because I tend to take over the space.  As you can see in my image, my space is a cluttered, mess.  What I have going on is obviously not working.  Over the next month I want give my desk and the wall behind it a makeover.  I will walk you through the steps I take so that if you are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by your workspace, then you can make some changes too.

STEP 1:  Identify the clutter.

Take a step back from your workspace, pull out your phone, and take a picture of your desk.  Looking at your picture, start writing down notes about what isn't working.  What you need to document is everywhere you see piles of junk and what is in those piles.  For my own situation, I get piles of junk to the left of my keyboard and behind my sewing machine.  (There are many more piles, but let's start with those two examples.) . The pile by my keyboard consists of a lot of papers: notes on blog posts, knitting patterns, old calendar pages, etc.  The pile behind my sewing machine consists of notebooks and sewing notions.  Keep writing down what is in your cluttered areas until you have identified all of the troublemakers.  If you come across anything old and useless, feel free to go one step further by throwing it out or donating it. 

Be brave!  Clutter can be very overwhelming at first, but the reward of dealing with it and finding a home for everything is well worth the anxiety.  I am giving you a few weeks to tackle this project and then I will be back with step 2.