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CROCHET - Mermaid Costume

Halloween seems to fall into that "love it or hate it" category.  Whichever category you put yourself in, you have to admit that a baby in a costume is cute overload.  Last year was Freya's first Halloween.  She was 7 months old and although I am not a big partaker of the holiday, I had to make her adorable.  Freya could not walk yet and after serious consideration, I chose to make her a mermaid costume.  I hunted around for a pattern and found the perfect pattern here.  It was go big or go home so I knitted her some seashells and a starfish headband to go with the tail.

The seashells were made from the pattern found here.  I should have used a larger weight yarn because the shells ended up being on the tiny side.  Even for a baby!  I also used a crochet chain to connect the seashells together and the center segment should be a little smaller than what I made it.  My shells ended up being a little too far apart.  Since it was for a baby, I did not feel the need to start over and make a new set of shells.

The starfish headband was made of a starfish that I knitted and tied on to a pre-made headband.  The pattern for the starfish can be found here.

This costume was perfect and Freya looked precious!  I had her wear it even though we did not go anywhere and we were alone at my mum's house in the country where there are no trick-or-treaters.  Totally worth it.

Happy Crafting!