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CROCHET - Stepping Texture Hat

I have finished the final hat to our coordinating family hats!  I crocheted this hat from the pattern found HERE, on Ravelry.  This hat took a little longer and a little more yarn than the other hats.  When I first finished the hat, I was a little disappointed.  The texture did not stand out as much as I thought it would and it is a little heavy.  After trying it on a few times though, it is growing on me.  Now when looking at the pictures, I love it!    

Also, I decided to add a pom pom to Freya's hat.  How cute are we in coordinating hats with pom poms?  Since I was wearing my hat, Freya wanted to wear hers and I was able to get a few photos.  Some are a little blurry cause she won't stop moving!