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CROCHET - Totoro Plush

This is one of my oldest WIP projects.  I started it when I first learned how to crochet, which was ... counting on my fingers ... maybe eight years ago.  I don't remember the exact moment I started this project but we can say it was seven years ago.  Although this Totoro was in WIP-land for a seriously long time, he would come out every now and then and get a little work done.  All I needed to do to finish him these past few years was to stuff his arms and tail, sew them on, and stitch the details on his tummy, whiskers, and mouth.  Why did that take me four years?  There is no good answer.  Thank goodness for this blog and how much it has motivated me to finish all of my sad and forgotten projects.  I have gotten a lot better at amigurumi since I started this Totoro, and even though he sits a little crooked and is not perfect I still love it.  I can not find the pattern I used to make him, but I found a similar pattern here (it could actually be the same pattern just rebranded and published since I last used it, I'm not sure).

Be brave and finish an old, forgotten project!