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CROSS STITCH - Squirrel Foot Warmer

It is fall now and my feet are going to start getting cold.  And when my feet are cold, I can't sleep.  Normally I use Jake as my foot warmer (he puts off a lot of heat, it is incredible really), but with his comfort in mind- no more icy feet bugging him at night- I made a foot warmer.  

My inspiration came from a hand warmer project in the book Mollie Makes Woodland Friends.  I took the charts for the squirrel and acorn and combined them into one.  Once it was all stitched up, I sewed a  back onto it.  I selected a piece of gold velvet from my stash.  It was actually difficult to sew them together because the velvet was really slippery.  I made it work though, filled it with beans, and closed it up.  Voila it's all done!  And it works quite nicely!

It would be fun to design some of my own charts.  Pretty much all I would need is some graph paper and colored pencils, right?  This was my first cross stitch and it has pumped me up to try it again. 

Have fun!