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DIY PROJECT: Felted Applique

This is a fun and easy DIY project.  It is also perfect for the fall since the weather is starting to cool down.  For the tutorial, I felted hearts onto an inexpensive kid's sweatshirt and polka dots onto an old sweater of mine that I was planning on throwing out, but not anymore!  The possibilities are endless with what you can create.  Felt any design or picture onto your clothes.


  1. Wool Roving
  2. Foam pad
  3. Template (optional)
  4. Disappearing Ink Fabric Pen
  5. Needles
  6. Ruler (optional
  7. Sweater (fabric to be felted)

For additional information on supplies, read my post from a few weeks ago.  You can find it here.


  1. Using the disappearing ink, draw on your sweater the design you wish to applique.  This is where a template and ruler may come in handy.  For my template, I used a heart punch (found in the scrapbooking section at the craft store) and a piece of cardstock.
  2. Once your sweater is ready, slide it over the foam pad.
  3. Begin felting the wool roving in the places designated.  Flip it over and continue on the back.  *NOTE: To felt, simply stab the need in and out of the roving in a vertical manner.  Do not do it at an angle because it will break your needle.  Needles are very sharp so mind your fingers!*
  4. Carefully remove the sweater from the foam pad and admire your work.
  5. Toss the sweater in the washer and dryer with your laundry.  *NOTE:  I recommend creating a small sample and sending that through before your sweater.  That way if it gets ruined, you will still have all your hard work intact.  If the washer and dryer distort your design or fabric, then gently wash the garment by hand and lay it flat to dry.*  This step removes the ink and felts the design even more.
  6. Using a sweater shaver or a sharp razor, gently shave the appliqued parts to remove the extra fuzz.  This will make the sweater clean and beautiful
  7. Try it on and enjoy your new garment!

I want to see your finished projects.  Tag your pictures with #trendypuku so I can find them.  Have fun!


I bribed her with a cookie to model for me and she totally earned it!  I love my girl.