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CROCHET - Elodie Basket

Occasionally I find someone on Instagram asking for test knitters, like the Stormy Sky Shawl, and I just can't help myself, I have to volunteer because the pattern looks too awesome.  I came across TLB Patterns on Instagram and she had a basket set that she was ready to test.  Her pictures were very attractive and did not look like typical crochet.  I later learned it was tapestry crochet- a new to me technique that allows you to switch up the colors without weaving in ends.  It also creates an almost knit-looking texture.

I was selected to make the Large basket.  The pattern was very easy- not beginner, but if you are good with instructions you can definitely figure it out.  She includes lots of pictures and directions on how to tapestry crochet as well as seamless bind offs.  You can find the link to her pattern here.  

After testing the large basket, I needed to make the other two sizes.  It felt incomplete without the other two!  I picked up one more skein of yarn (which took me more than a week to do, sad I know.) and was able to crank out the other two baskets in a day.  Well, it might have taken me two days because I get interrupted quite often.

What projects are you working on?