Trendy Puku




I am pleased and excited to announce that I have completed another project that has been lost in WIP-land for almost two years!  This is another project started just before Freya was born.  I guess it falls in that over-ambitious-first-time-mom-don't-know-what-I'm-getting-into category.  Now I am starting to get the hang of it (embroidering and parenting Freya) and I am beginning to have more time to finish projects.  Hooray!

This is my Freya Bunting.  I was inspired by an image I saw on Pinterest of some vintage embroidered linens that someone turned into bunting.  Super cute and as an almost mother preparing a nursery, this is how my mind interpreted it.

I found the letters somewhere through google by searching something along the lines of "vintage monogram letters."  I cannot find them anymore, but I am sure I will stumble across them again if I keep looking.  There are a lot of beautiful options to choose from.  Once I selected my monograms, I created a template using Adobe Illustrator.  Make a triangle, center the monogram in the middle (allow enough space to sew the front and back of the bunting together), print and you have a template.  Trace the image onto fabric of your choice and start embroidering.  Be sure  you have plenty of embroidery floss in the colors you choose.  I was planning on making each letter a different color but decided to stick with the blue after finishing my first letter.  I ran out after a few letters and could not find the same color at the store.  It is obvious which letter, lesson learned.  Another lesson I learned is that you should not eat chocolate while embroidering and try to keep your toddler from kissing the embroidery with raspberry jam all over her face.    When you finish embroidering, cut out the triangles leaving a 1/2" border.  Sew two triangles together (one with an embroidered monogram, one blank) with the right sides facing.  Trim the edges again and clip the tip.  Turn the triangle right side out and press.  Repeat this process for all your letters then sew them all to a  strip of bias tape.  

I really enjoyed this project and am considering starting another.  Too bad I have so many other projects stuck in WIP.  What to do? If you have completed any major (or minor) works in progress, I would love to see them!  Tag your pictures on Instagram with #trendypuku. 

Good luck!