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EMBROIDERY - Wedding Gift

This is one of those projects that is almost embarrassing to finish.  I started it a year ago as a wedding gift for my husband's best friend/cousin and then I moved and moved again and it got stuck in WIP-land.  Neglected in it's lonely project bag.  But it kept nagging at me so I decided to finish it and gift it as a late wedding/early anniversary gift.  They are a cool couple, they won't mind.  Plus, the piece itself is timeless.  The process for this piece is simple and anyone can make one for themselves or as a gift.  

MATERIALS:  fabric, embroidery thread, embroidery needle (the sharper the tip and the least amount of curve near the eye, the better), embroidery hoop, stretch frame and staple gun. 

INSTRUCTIONS:  Sketch the image of your choice onto the fabric, tracing or freehand is acceptable.  I traced mine by taping my printed image on the window and then taping my fabric over that.  It works almost as good as a light table.  Once your image is one the fabric, place it in the embroidery hoop and start stitching away.  Look up different types of stitches and play around.  There is no right and wrong because this is your design.  I made mine up as I went along.  If you don't like it, pull it out and try a different stitch.  Once you have finished stitching, it is time to frame the piece so it can be hung on the wall.  Some leave their pieces in the embroidery hoop.  I prefer to stretch and staple mine over a frame to create a canvas look.  Now hang it up and admire!  

Happy Anniversary Landon and Katie!


PS.  I'm so late with this gift that when I sent it off in the mail, I included a cute hat for their new baby boy!  The pattern can be found here and is super easy and adaptable!