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WOOL PAINTING - Landscapes

I had a lot of fun felting the dog portraits so I wanted to try my hand at felting landscapes.  This was a lot more difficult than I imagined it would be.  I believe with a lot more color options and a lot more faith in myself, it would not have seemed so daunting.  Thankfully I have an awesome brother (who is an artist therefore connoisseur of all things art- logical, right?) who put up with a couple days of constant texts and pictures from me asking if they looked right or what I should add.  Geez, when I type it out it is obvious that I need a little more courage.  After I completed them I hung them on the wall in my living room so I could look at them every time I walked by.  A few days was all I needed.  My brother was right, they were perfect.  

The cabin painting is for my dad and step-mom.  They have a cabin out in the woods that they frequent almost every weekend all year long.  It is their heaven on earth.  I used a picture my dad took of their cabin and used complete creative freedom.  It's how I imagine it looks at Christmas; I have only been there in the summer.  

The lake painting is for my oldest brother.  He is a photographer and adventurer, among many other things.  I used one of his photos from a backpacking trip he went on during the summer.  I am hoping he recognizes it so I tried to capture as many details as I could and stayed as close to the picture as possible.  The colors are a little off, but I am ok with that.

The process for the landscapes is exactly the same as the dog portraits.  I read somewhere online to wet felt it (soak in hot water and rub with soap to felt the fibers together) after the first base layer.  I tried it with these landscapes and it did nothing for me.  It just shifted things around a bit.  Next time I try another landscape, or any wool painting, I will stick with the original method.  

Happy crafting!

_Trendy Puku_