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After finishing my first collection of wool paintings and experimenting with the quilting in the background, I had a lot more ideas to play with.  My pins were one of those ideas.  I am over the moon with the results!  I love the way the stitching creates a 3D effect on the cactus and captures the fine details in the butterfly, dragonfly and bee wings.  They are all details that I would not be able to capture with needle felting alone.  

I also really enjoy the small size. They take less time than the wool paintings so I am more likely to finish it and a lot sooner. 

I am rather new at needle felting. I started almost a year ago when we moved out to North Carolina. Our stuff was in the long process of being moved so I did not have any of my yarn or needles. And I hadn't ventured into weaving on a frame loom yet so I didn't have weaving supplies either. I ordered an inexpensive needle felting kit online, read about the basics, then went for it. I am so glad I was brave and tried it out because I absolutely love it. I am on vacation now and even though I brought some knitting and weaving, it's the felting that I wish I had with me. 

I would like to make a lot more pins and branch out into magnets soon.  If there is an animal, plant, object, or anything that you would like to see as a brooch or magnet then please comment below to let me know!

All the pins pictured above are available in my shop. It is currently on vacation mode, but will reopen August 1st. Cardinal pins, pictured below, will be coming soon this fall.

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