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GET THIS LOOK: Scandinavian Living Room

Scandinavian Living Room.jpg


If my home had beautiful, hardwood floors then this would be the look I would go for.  Unfortunately I live in a rental with cheap, tan carpet but that is another story for another day.  What I love the most about the Scandinavian look is that it is uncluttered and so clean!  As a mother of a two (and a half!) year old, my mind likes to look around and be able to see the messes and clean them up quickly.  Because the design is so simple it puts the focus on the materials and lets your eye focus on textures.  Contrast can be achieved through tangible textures, such as smooth, shiny, fuzzy, etc, as well as patterns.  When going for this look, have fun and keep in mind that you are staying within a neutral palette.  But don't forget a subtle pop of color to create a focal point! 

Below you will find links to all the pieces included in my mood board above.  Enjoy!



1   Wall Hanging      |     2   Cactus Print     |     3   Horse Print     |     4   Desert Print     |     5   Sofa     |     6   Plant     |     7   Pot     |     8   Throw     |     9   Rug     |     10   Floor Lamp     |     11   Pink Pillow     |     12   Geometric Pillow     |     13   Polka Dot Pillow     |     14   Kilim Style Pillow     |     15   Accent Table or DIY

Inspiration photo sources from left to right:   Home Designing, Coco Lapine DesignsFuturistArchitecture, HomeDecorT, Lundin