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GET THIS LOOK: Bohemian Bedroom


The bohemian style is warm and inviting.  Your eyes will be constantly busy looking around the room, absorbing everything there is.  Lots of plants and textiles adorn every open surface, while hats and instruments are tucked in the corner or leaning on a chair.  The best part of having a bohemian bedroom is that you are not required to make your bed.  It is all part of the look!  To achieve this style, stay within a warm color pallete and embrace natural textures such as plants and handwoven rugs and blankets.

Below you will find links to all the pieces included in my mood board above.  Enjoy!



1  Spider Plant     |     2  Woven Wall Hanging   |     3  Bed     |     4  Hanging Planter     |     5  Hanging Planter     |     6  Guitar     |     7  Nightstand     |     8  Bedding   |     9  Throw Blanket     |     10  Bed Covering     |     11  Rug     |     12  Pouf     |     13  Throw Pillow     |     14  Throw Pillow

Inspiration photo sources from left to right:   Rue Daily, Brittanickel, Homedit, Gravity Home, L'Essenziale, Design Quixotic, Loom and Kiln.