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KNIT - Slippers

Last year I accidentally gave my brother two Christmas presents.  One gift was a pair of slippers that was suppose to be for my sister.  Oops.  No matter how organized I think I am, I always seem to mix up somebody's presents.  He was surprisingly excited about the slippers (even thought they were pink), but also played it cool and handed them over to my sister.  I wasn't actually there, but they all told me about it.  This year, to make up for it, I made my brother his very own pair of slippers.  And I made them as manly as I could.  Finding manly patterns is very hard.  The pattern I used is great and very versatile.  It knitted up quite large and my brother has huge feet so that is perfect.  Now I can finally be at peace knowing my brother has slippers too.

Freya has an obsession with shoes so I knit her a pair of slippers also.  The pattern I chose said that knitting a gauge was not a big deal so I followed along and knit the first slipper.  It turned out enormous, for Freya that is.  I made a match and decided it can be slippers for next Christmas.  They are so big that they might be slippers when she turn five or six.  I made another pair that should fit her perfectly.  The slippers are really cute and the pattern is very easy, but be prepared to make an extra pair or two to get the sizes right.  

Enjoy your knitting!


PS.  Freya's slippers do not fit very well.  She likes to wear them and they are cute, but they fall off as she walks around.  We will see if her feet need to be a little bigger or if it is just a bad design.  I'm leaning towards bad design.  It is disappointing, but I will try another pattern next year.