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KNIT - Toddler Hat

I found some deliciously soft, bulky yarn in a beautiful silvery grey.  It's practically fall (although it definitely still feels like summer, I'm melting in this East Coast humidity!), so I decided on making a winter hat for my daughter, Freya.  I picked up two skeins so my next project will be a coordinating hat for myself.  Aaaaand I couldn't help myself and chose a dark, charcoal grey  in the same yarn to make a hat for my husband.  We will be so adorable in our not-matching-but-sort-of-matching hats.  I hear the winters out here are frigid.  I'm just getting prepared.

Ravelry is my favorite place to find free knitting and crochet patterns.  It's an awesome community with an incredible pattern database.  I also love the search filters it offers.  It's the best.  I found my pattern HERE.  It was super simple, super easy, and super quick.  Without distractions, this hat can easily be made in an hour or two.  That's the beauty of bulky yarn.

I decided to leave the pom pom off.  I stared at the pattern picture for a long time covering the pom pom with my thumb then showing it again and debating.  It's cute, but I decided that I want a minimal look.  I had plenty of leftover yarn so I can always make a pom pom and add it on later if I change my mind. 

Happy Knitting!


P.S.  I added the pom pom and Freya was willing to model for me.  She is a little selective about wearing hats.