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Knit - Stormy Sky Shawl

At the end of February I volunteered to test knit a shawl.  It was pretty exciting because A: I have never knit a shawl before.  I tried during the year I first started knitting, but I could not get past the 2nd row.  B: I have never test knitted something before.  Test knitting is when a designer finishes writing out his or her pattern and then another knitter (me) gets to knit the item to make sure the pattern makes sense and has no mistakes. and C: It was going to be a me project.  I rarely take the time to make something for myself.

Since I was spoiling myself with such a fun project, I figured I might as well spoil myself with some lovely yarn.  I found my LYS (local yarn store), a 45 minute drive so as local as it gets for me, and selected a beautifully dyed skein.  The pattern is called Stormy Skies so I chose a color way that reminded me of a stormy evening sky.

Overall, the pattern was very easy and wonderful to knit.  There were a few times where my stitch count would be off and another time where I found an enormous mistake quite a ways back, but they were all due to distractions (thank you Freya).  I did tear out a bunch of rows to fix that major mistake (see the pictures below).  It was something that would bother me forever if I did not have it right.  

Besides how beautiful the shawl is when finished, my favorite thing about this project is that it only takes one skein (Theoretically.  I did run out and have to get a second skein, which I only used half.).  The pattern is available for free and I highly recommend it to those wanting to branch out and try something new!  And also to those who are looking for another wonderful, lacey shawl project.  Visit the tag #stormy_sky_shawl on Instagram to see some more finished shawls!

Good luck!