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WEAVING - Teal Collection

Like my last collection of weavings, the mint chocolate chip collection, this collection involved a lot of experimentation.  I enjoy playing around with different styles and aesthetics.  The exploring helps me learn new skills and work on the ones I already have.  While working on these weavings, I already started gathering ideas for more collections.  There is never enough time to finish all the great ideas and inspiration!

I had seen others make miniature weavings and they are absolutely adorable, so naturally I had to try my hand at making those.  The minis were a fun way to explore designs without having to commit to a full-sized weaving.  Fun ways to include mini weavings are to hang them in photo collages, use them as a bookmark, ornament, doll house decor, or rear view mirror decor.  The options are endless and there can never be too many of these in the world.  

Besides the weaving with the brown fringe (I have kept that piece for myself), everything on this page is for sell.  This includes those from my last collection as well.  You can find them in my Etsy shop.  Please head over there and take a look!  

UPDATE:  River Stones (the small weaving with blue fringe) and Spring Steps (the small weaving with the zig zags and white fringe) are SOLD.