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WEAVING - Rainbow Collection

I am inspired by the weaver Sunwoven.  She is based in Charleston, SC and makes modern weavings using a lot of roving.  I decided to make a weaving inspired by her style and came up with my pink weaving.  As I started weaving and put in the first cluster of roving, I had an idea.  It looked like a cloud and I could use to the fringe to create a rainbow.  It was a simple enough idea and would be adorable for certain!  I looked around online first because I was positive someone would have done it before, but I did not find anything.  Awesome, now it HAS to be done!  

The results are charming and endless with possibilites.  I am in love with the rainbows and already have ideas to change it up and offer more options.  These rainbows are currently available in my shop (not the pink weaving, just the rainbows) so please head over there and check it out!

UPDATE: Rainbow Downpour is SOLD (the small weaving with the long, fluffy, skinny rainbow).  Rainbow Party is SOLD (the large weaving with multiple rainbows).