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WEAVING - Cthulhu

I was working on a weaving one evening and my husband, Jake, casually mentioned that I could make a Cthulhu weaving because the fringe looked like tentacles.  I acted real cool and nonchalant but the wheels were already turning and I was starting to get ideas.  Jake loves the author H.P. Lovecraft.  For those who are unfamiliar with Lovecraft- he wrote horror, science fiction, short stories between 1917-1937.  I have only listened to a few and they are haunting.  So if that genre interests you, I recommend it.   

Cthulhu is a great beginning weave.  The shapes are very simple and gave me a no pressure chance to practice.  I made it up as I went along and I could not be happier with it.  For the eye shapes, I used a sharpie and drew the shape onto the warp so that I would have better luck achieving the actual shape I wanted.  I got that idea from my book, DIY Woven Art.  

The Cthulhu weave became my new nap-time project.  That became a little tricky because Freya quit taking naps, but I was slowly managing to get a bit done here and there without Jake noticing.  I wanted to surprise him with it for Christmas.  One afternoon I finished the piece and was ready to weave in the ends.  I set it down on the couch and went to find my needle.  I got distracted cleaning the counter where I set down all my craft supplies and current WIP projects when Jake came home for lunch and surprised us.  It was a lovely surprise except I had forgotten about Cthulhu hanging out on the couch and Jake found him.  He thought it was awesome so I wove in the ends that night and gave it to him early.  It hung on the wall by the Christmas tree for the rest of the month and now hangs in his garage gym so he can look at it while working out.

That sums up my handcrafted Christmas gifts for 2016.  Time to get started on my 2017 projects!