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WEAVING - Ombre Fringe Collection

A few months ago I made a weaving for my husband to gift to a mentor.  She is from Russia and proud of her heritage and so I wove a fringe weaving that resembled the Russian flag.  

I enjoyed making this weaving so much, I decided to do an entire collection but make them ombre fades instead of flags.  Cause who doesn't love an ombre?  I rifled through my stash to see what color combinations I had and picked my favorite.  I absolutely love how each weaving turned out.  

They are all available in my Etsy shop, so if you would like to adopt one for your home (or as a gift for someone you love) please head over there!  Each weaving I make is unique and one of a kind.  Over time I may repeat designs and styles, but I will never be able to capture it exactly how I did it last time.  This is mostly due to how I collect yarn.  My stash is full of vintage, reclaimed, handspun, hand dyed, and new yarns.  I do not discriminate against fibers either, so my stash contains a variety of wool, cotton and acrylics.  

Have an awesome week!

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